Anti Fraud Check

Thanks to artificial intelligence, AFC is able to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent users within minutes.

Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition and meta-data analtytics through artificial intelligence, identifying potential fraudulent user accounts​

Preventive Fraud

AFC is able to detect potentially fraudulent cases.

Api Available

Connect your system to our API and detect possible fraud cases from your users.

Control Panel

We have developed our own control panel, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

How does the Software work?

In just three steps, you can process all your users and detect possible fraud cases using artificial intelligence.

Upload your user data encrypted

Access from local sources, in the cloud or a combination of both.

Send for processing

Data integration so that records are processed through artificial intelligence, giving conclusive results of potentially fraudulent cases.

Receive your results

In a few minutes you will get your results by detecting all potentially fraudulent users.